About KYA

Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA) believes all children deserve to be safe, healthy, and secure. As THE independent voice for Kentucky children, we work hard to ensure decision makers create policies and make investments that are good for kids.

Our Work

Work with legislators, the Governor, and other elected officials to change and enact policies to benefit kids and families.


Help families through our case advocacy program. We serve as their guide when they don’t know where to turn.



Conduct research and education that informs and recommends solutions to help kids succeed.



Mobilize advocates to take action on behalf of kids and families through rallies, advocacy trainings, partnerships, and action alerts.



Present the “state of kids” to communities to help people know how children are faring and how to address problems.


YouthEngagement75bEngage youth by training the next generation of leaders to advocate for themselves and their communities.



Message from Executive Director – Dr. Terry Brooks

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