We are Kentucky’s independent voice for kids


Making Kentucky the best place in America to be a kid

As the lobbyist for kids, we work with legislators, the governor, and other elected officials to change and enact policies to benefit kids and families
Help families through our case advocacy program. We serve as their guide when they don’t know where to turn
Conduct research and education that informs and recommends solutions to help kids succeed
Mobilize advocates to take action on behalf of kids and families through rallies, advocacy training, partnerships, and action alerts
Present the “state of kids” to communities to help people know how children are faring and how to address problems
Engage youth by training the next generation of leaders to advocate for themselves and their communities


Tina Agonva, Administrative Coordinator, ext. 123

Terry Brooks, Executive Director, ext. 113

Paul Colwell, Data Analyst, ext. 129

Kelsey Dimar, Chief Process Officer, ext. 110

Tammy Donoho, Administrative Coordinator, ext. 117

Cortney Downs, Policy and Advocacy Director, ext. 130

Ben Gies, Policy and Advocacy Director, ext. 135

Tara Grieshop-Goodwin, Chief Policy Officer, ext. 118

Mahak Kalra, Senior Policy and Advocacy Director, ext. 114

Shannon Moody, Senior Policy and Advocacy Director,  ext. 126

Amy Muth, Chief Financial Officer,  ext. 119

Mara Powell, Chief Communications Officer, ext. 122

Carli Mosby-Smith, Policy and Advocacy Analyst, ext. 138

Clarissa Mobley, Communications Coordinator, ext. 134

Zak Roussel, Operations and Technology Director, ext. 116

Amy Swann, Research Director, ext. 115

Patricia Tennen, Chief Operating Officer, ext. 120

Alicia Whatley, Policy and Advocacy Analyst, ext. 137

Jessie Whitish, Chief Engagement Officer, ext. 121

Joshua Buckman, Intern

Emily Burden, Intern

Kayce Dallas, Intern

Danielle Hempel, Intern

Daviess County

Rosemary Conder

Keith Sanders

Fayette County

Bill Stewart

Franklin County

Tom Emberton

Gallatin County

Dr. Dorothy Perkins

Hardin County

Pastor Edward Palmer

Jefferson County

Charlie Baker, Emeritus

Yvette Livers

Dr. Bernard I. Minnis Sr.

Whitney Neal

Andy Parker, Treasurer

Nancy Peterson, Emeritus

Lynn Rippy

Marita Willis, Emeritus

Madison County

Angie Boggs

Mary Lewis

Oldham County

Dr. Gregg T. Cobb

Union County

Dr. Laura Hancock Jones

Warren County

Dale Brown, Chair

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