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Kick Butts Day: Ending Teen Tobacco Use

Today, youth, teachers, and advocates across the nation are standing up and speaking out for Kick Butts Day to raise awareness of the problems created by tobacco use in their community, to encourage youth to be tobacco-free, and to urge elected officials to protect kids from tobacco. Kentucky has the second highest rate of high school smokers in the nation at approximately 17%, and 2,900 Kentucky kids become new daily smokers each year. One proven [...]

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The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Kentucky Kids and What’s Being Done About It

By Cortney Downs, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern What happens when children are exposed to potentially traumatizing events in their homes, schools, and communities? A growing body of research shows that exposure during the formative years can impact the trajectory of a child’s physical and emotional health well into adulthood. In a continued effort to raise awareness and encourage action, Child Trends recently released a report on the findings of the latest National Survey of Children’s Health specific [...]

Supporting Families Raising Family

By Carli Mosby, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern At the moment, our lawmakers are working hard to craft and pass a two-year state budget that would fund the state Cabinets that provide child protection, education, and health services.  Governor Matt Bevin released his proposed budget during the State of the Commonwealth and Budget Address, and the Kentucky House passed their version of the executive branch budget earlier this month.  The Kentucky Senate is now working on [...]

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An Investment in Child Care is an Investment in Stable Families and a Strong Workforce

Kayla and her daughter RaeLynn. Recently, parents, providers, and employers came to Frankfort to testify before the House Budget Review Subcommittee about the importance of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and ask them to increase funding for the program in this year’s state budget proposal. The high cost of child care is a major barrier for low-income parents. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 71 percent of non-working, low-income parents with [...]

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A State Budget with a Myriad of Opportunities

Last fall, there was much concern as to what the 2018 legislative session and biennial budget would bring because of uncertainties around pension reform and expected revenue shortfalls. However, as we review the proposed budget, we are reassured by our state leaders’ commitment to Kentucky kids. The House version of the proposed executive branch budget embraces a myriad of opportunities to improve the lives and futures of Kentucky kids and families and for that we [...]

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Improving the Outcomes of Pregnant Inmates and Their Babies

By Clarissa Mobley, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern Kentucky holds the second highest rate of incarceration for women in the nation, and second highest rate of children who have had a parent incarcerated. This problem has been growing at a significant rate and it’s not a statistic we want to see an increase in because of its’ impact on Kentucky’s children and families. Senate Bill 133, championed by Senator Julie Raque Adams and co-sponsored by Senators [...]

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Kentucky Youth Speak Up: Support the Education of Children in Foster Care

We know that youth in Kentucky are key to creating positive change for kids, and their leadership galvanizes other youth, parents, educators, community leaders, and legislators. In the Kentucky Youth Speak Up series, students advocate for policies, encourage other youth to serve their communities, promote strategies for student success, and motivate all of us to build the best commonwealth for Kentucky kids. By Karena Cash Last year, I had the opportunity to tutor a young girl in foster [...]

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New Infographics Promote Solution to End Tobacco Use Among Teens and Pregnant Women

Health impacts every aspect of a child’s life and is one of the most important components of overall child well-being. In Kentucky, tobacco takes a toll on the health of children, teens, and pregnant women, but viable solutions exist to end tobacco use. Increasing the tobacco tax by at least $1 is a proven method to prevent teens from starting to smoke and prompts pregnant women to quit smoking. Because it supports a healthy [...]

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House Bill 1: Improvements to a System that Keeps Kids Safe

All Kentucky kids deserve to be in safe, loving, and stable homes. Last year, the House Working Group on Adoptions began formally meeting with the goal of bringing innovative reforms to the adoption process in Kentucky. However, the Working Group moved well beyond the scope of adoptions and took a comprehensive look at the whole continuum of care within the child welfare system. With the bipartisan leadership of Representatives David Meade and Joni Jenkins, the [...]

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Solutions to Curb Teen E-Cig Use

A recent Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) found that nearly 1 in 2 young adults ages 18 to 29 said they had used an e-cigarette. Currently, 23.4% of Kentucky high school students say they currently use e-cigarettes, which is double the national average. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices used to inhale vaporized; this is often referred to as “vaping”. Manufacturers have specifically targeted youth by creating flavored products, such as cookies ‘n cream and peanut butter cup, to mask the tobacco taste. And research shows that more [...]

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