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Five Minutes, Your Feedback, and Brighter Futures for Kentucky Kids

We at Kentucky Youth Advocates believe that Kentucky can become the best place in America to be young and that we should settle for nothing less. Over the past several legislative sessions, the Kentucky General Assembly and state government have taken significant steps to improve the lives of children in the Commonwealth, and we are excited about those wins for kids. Yet, we still have a long way to go until all children in Kentucky [...]

My 5 Go-To Strategies for a Successful Summer Break Transition

This post was originally featured as a Kosair Charities® Face It Movement® to End Child Abuse parent blog. School’s out for the summer which means it’s time to stock up on extra food and toilet paper! Here are a few tips that help me transition to summer breaks: 1.Activities– I try to plan weekly activities well in advance by looking for local kid-friendly events in our area and talking to friends about day camps, playdates, days [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on State Intervention and Local Control of Jefferson County Public Schools

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Can we find a way for the state to intervene to help kids and address the recent audit of Jefferson County Public Schools while preserving local control of schools? I can definitively say the answer is yes. I have learned a lot about how people perceive the Kentucky Department of Education’s action around the Jefferson County Public Schools [...]

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Guest Post: Ensuring Educational Stability is the New Norm for Youth in Foster Care

This originally appeared Jefferson County Public Schools' Envision Equity May 2018 issue. By Karena Cash Last year, I had the opportunity to tutor a young girl in foster care, Jaden*. Whenever I first met her, I was blown away at how much she struggled at basic division problems. She was in fifth grade, so she must know thirty divided by six, right? I simply thought that she didn’t pay attention in school. As the months [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on State Takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools

Contact: Mara Powell 859-496-5524 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Many of the conclusions reached by the state audit are incontrovertible. Inefficiencies in administration and lack of student achievement – especially amongst vulnerable populations – are undeniable. The most significant reality that the audit recognizes is that Marty Pollio is not like recent superintendents. Dr. Pollio brings leadership; exudes a laser focus on kids; and has galvanized the community within and [...]

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The Final State Budget and What it Means for Kids and Families

Late last week, the Kentucky General Assembly convened for the final days of the 2018 legislative session. Still to be finalized was the state budget to drive how money will be spent and the level at which services and programs will be funded. Though the General Assembly had passed the budget bill before the veto break on April 2nd, the governor vetoed the bill. The question remained on whether the legislature would simply override the [...]

Because of Advocates Like You: Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2018 Policy Wins

When it comes to the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities, kids won in Frankfort during the 2018 legislative session. Because of advocates like you, the following Blueprint priorities are awaiting the Governor’s signature: HB 1. Every child deserves a family, and House Bill 1—sponsored by Representatives David Meade and Joni Jenkins—upholds that ideal by strengthening supports to help keep families together safely and, when that’s not possible, addressing timelines for adoption cases so that [...]

Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on KY House and Senate Passing the Budget

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates In the best of times, crafting a budget is a complicated and difficult challenge. In these times of fiscal constraints, growing needs, and a less than certain economic future, crafting a budget is about making the toughest of decisions. As we think about the proposed budget and Kentucky’s kids, and given the tight budget constraints, it is important [...]

Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on HB 527 Passing Kentucky Senate

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Kids win when their best interests are prioritized—and our leaders in Frankfort have exemplified just that with their overwhelming and bipartisan support of House Bill 527, championed by Representative Steve Riley. We applaud the Kentucky Senate for unanimously supporting HB 527 and Senator Dan Seum for his leadership on this issue, which promotes the educational stability of children [...]

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An Update on the State Budget

As the days of the 2018 legislative session wind down, the one thing remaining at the top of mind in this budget session is the budget itself. The House of Representatives and the Senate have each passed a version of the budget, and now it sits with a conference committee as they work to iron out their differences, with the final version of the budget expected to be voted on in the coming days. A [...]

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