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A Win for Pregnant Inmates and Their Babies

The opioid crisis that has been impacting our nation has hit Kentucky especially hard. What we’ve seen is that it’s not just people struggling with the disease of addiction that are affected, but children are also impacted in a significant way. We have seen it with the spike in children being cared for by relatives and in the overall increase in the number of children in foster care. Kentucky has been taking steps to respond, and [...]

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Thank You for Sharing Your Ideas for Kids!

A few weeks ago, we at Kentucky Youth Advocates reached out to advocates like you and asked you to provide input on the greatest challenges facing Kentucky kids today—and the policy changes that our state government could make to address these challenges. Your feedback is invaluable as Blueprint for Kentucky's Children partners continue to develop the 2019 policy agenda. More than 130 advocates filled out the survey, representing counties across the commonwealth and many sectors [...]

Hard Work Takes Sweat but the Pay Off is Sweet

Not much beats fresh picked fruit in the summertime. Recently we went to pick blueberries on a nearby farm, and it reminded me of summer days picking strawberries in my grandmother’s garden. The work was hard and the weather hot, but we always knew there would be strawberry pie for supper. We continued that tradition this weekend, making a fresh blueberry pie from the fruit we picked. The final result definitely made the hard work [...]

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Five Minutes, Your Feedback, and Brighter Futures for Kentucky Kids

We at Kentucky Youth Advocates believe that Kentucky can become the best place in America to be young and that we should settle for nothing less. Over the past several legislative sessions, the Kentucky General Assembly and state government have taken significant steps to improve the lives of children in the Commonwealth, and we are excited about those wins for kids. Yet, we still have a long way to go until all children in Kentucky [...]

Bipartisan Wins: An Oxymoron that Works for Kids

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Northern Kentucky Tribune and Kentucky Today. “Bipartisan wins” in Frankfort seems like an oxymoron on the same level as “jumbo shrimp” and “bittersweet.” When reflecting on the recent legislative session, it would be easy to think of 2018 only as the year of placards and protests, accusations and apologies, parliamentary finagles and partisan politics. Yet, when it comes to Kentucky’s kids impacted by abuse or neglect, 2018 [...]

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Newly Signed SB 133 Will Minimize the Shared Sentence of Parental Incarceration on Babies

By Clarissa Mobley, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern As Dr. Terry Brooks stated following the final passage of Senate Bill 133, “all children deserve a strong start in life.” Allowing access to drug treatment for a pregnant woman who is incarcerated prioritizes the health and safety of the unborn child. SB 133, sponsored by Senator Julie Raque Adams and signed into law this week by the Governor, is a step in the right direction to ensure [...]

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Because of Advocates Like You: Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2018 Policy Wins

When it comes to the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities, kids won in Frankfort during the 2018 legislative session. Because of advocates like you, the following Blueprint priorities are awaiting the Governor’s signature: HB 1. Every child deserves a family, and House Bill 1—sponsored by Representatives David Meade and Joni Jenkins—upholds that ideal by strengthening supports to help keep families together safely and, when that’s not possible, addressing timelines for adoption cases so that [...]

Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on KY House and Senate Passing the Budget

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates In the best of times, crafting a budget is a complicated and difficult challenge. In these times of fiscal constraints, growing needs, and a less than certain economic future, crafting a budget is about making the toughest of decisions. As we think about the proposed budget and Kentucky’s kids, and given the tight budget constraints, it is important [...]

Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on SB 137 Passing Kentucky House

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Children rely on the adults in their lives to keep them safe. A bill to allow information that a child shares with a trustworthy adult to be considered for testimony in court moved one step closer to being signed into law today with its passage in the full Kentucky House. We applaud the Kentucky House for their continued [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on SB 133 Passing Kentucky House

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates All children deserve a strong start in life, and Senate Bill 133, championed by Senator Julie Raque Adams, makes the health of Kentucky kids a priority even before birth. We applaud the Kentucky House for prioritizing the future health, safety, and overall well-being of the unborn children affected by substance use by supporting pregnant inmates seeking treatment with [...]

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