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Celebrating and Sustaining Investments in Child Care in Kentucky

As spring approaches, there’s nothing more wonderful than finding the early blooms peaking their way through the hard, brown soil. They represent hope for warmth and growth to come. This March, we are starting to see early blooms peeking out from seeds planted by Congress and state leaders into Kentucky’s child care system. And we know beautiful growth is ahead! This calls for both celebration and continued attention to ensure that all working families in [...]

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The Family First Prevention Services Act and the Impact on Kentucky Kids

By Cortney Downs and Shannon Moody While there are still some unknowns about how and when states will implement the new federal legislation known as the Family First Prevention Services Act, it is clear that Kentucky is ready to be one of the first. Commissioner Eric Clark of the Department for Community Based Services has testified on their intent to be ready for implementation by October of 2019. And with House Bill 158, sponsored by [...]

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Apply for the National Juvenile Justice Network’s Youth Justice Leadership Institute

As Kentucky continues implementing the juvenile justice reforms passed in 2014 and seeks to build upon that work with additional policy changes during the 2019 Kentucky legislative session, it is imperative that the perspectives and input of people of color are sought and incorporated, as youth of color are over-represented throughout our youth justice system. The Youth Justice Leadership Institute is one opportunity to grow emerging advocates of color into strong leaders who can help fulfill that critical [...]

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Smiles Beyond Children’s Dental Health Month

As February comes to an end, so does Children’s Dental Health Month 2019, but that doesn’t mean advocating for children’s dental health and maintaining good dental hygiene is not important all year round! One of the most important components of maintaining good overall health throughout our childhood and our adulthood is through establishing positive dental habits at an early age. According to the 2016 Making Smiles Happen surveillance study, socioeconomic status is a major predictor [...]

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Corporal Punishment: An Old Wives’ Tale

Type into Google, “False Old Wives Tales” and you will get a rash of fascinating and fun reads. What? It DOESN’T take seven years for a piece of gum to digest after you swallow it? And cracking your knuckles DOESN’T cause arthritis? And eating right before you go swimming DOESN’T cause cramps? And going out with wet hair WON’T cause you to catch a cold? Both of my beloved grandmothers must be turning over in [...]

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It’s Time to Talk: Promoting Healthy Dating Relationships Among Teens

I met Nicole* in the emergency room at a children’s hospital when she was 17-years-old. She had been assaulted by her 18-year-old boyfriend and would possibly need surgery to repair the broken bones in her arm. This was not the first time he had assaulted her, but it was the most severe. Some of Nicole’s friends and family knew that they argued a lot or thought they spent too much time together, but no one [...]

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15th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol: Advocates and Leaders say “Let’s Find Common Ground for Kids!”

For the past 15 years, Children’s Advocacy Day has grown from a small group of committed advocates with a big idea, to a huge group of advocates—and state leaders—with even bigger commitments to Kentucky kids. This week nearly 900 advocates, including more than 200 youth, came to Frankfort to ask their legislators to make kids the commonwealth’s top priority. Some of those advocates made long drives or brought newborn babies or courageously met with [...]

We Are Your Future: Stand Together for Kentucky Kids

Kaleb Syra, high school senior at Barren County High School, spoke at the 15th annual Children's Advocacy Day at the Capitol on February 13, 2019. Read his speech below. My name is Kaleb Syra. I am 17 and a senior in JROTC at Barren County High School. I have been part of the First Lady’s Youth Leadership Council for three years. When I was three months old I was put into foster care. And from [...]

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Let’s Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

By Aaron Clark, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern It’s February, and as advocates for oral health we know that means Children’s Dental Health Month is here again. Starting as a one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio, Children’s Dental Health Month is a celebration aimed to help establish positive attitudes and good dental habits at an early age as a key component to maintaining good oral and overall physical health of people young and growing. We hope that [...]

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General Assembly Bill 1: The School Safety and Resiliency Act

Many of us remember Schoolhouse Rock!’s, “Bill” – the personified bill – “on Capitol Hill.” Poor Bill is a lonely bill with a lot of hope as he admits he has a long journey ahead of him to become a law. Bill realizes he’s one of the few lucky bills that actually gets heard in committee, which is the first positive step towards full passage. There’s a bill right now in Kentucky that, just by [...]

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