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Youth Voice: Pass Local Tobacco Control Bills to Prevent Youth from Vaping

By Hannah Abdon I’m an 11th grader that has grown up in a farming community in Northern Kentucky where tobacco has been strongly promoted especially towards young people. While driving to my own high school, I pass four different stores that advertise tobacco products in their storefronts. Most of these advertisements are very close to my school. On television, many advertisements that I see depict Juuls in a positive light. They do this by comparing [...]

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5 Action Steps to Take After Children’s Advocacy Week

Children’s Advocacy Week may be over, but the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly is just heating up.  THANK YOU to all of the advocates who attended Children’s Advocacy Week events, including the many youth and state leaders from across Kentucky. There has been buzz among legislators about kids’ issues because of YOUR advocacy this week. Here are FIVE action steps you can take immediately following Children’s Advocacy Week: 1. Watch--and share!--recordings of Children’s Advocacy Week. All events were recorded [...]

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Thank You! Kentucky Kids Share Talents in Children’s Advocacy Week Virtual Art Show

By Melissa Collins, Child Welfare Intern at Kentucky Youth Advocates Children’s Advocacy Week is fully underway, and while it may look a bit different than years past, one thing has remained the same: showcasing talented youth from across the Commonwealth! In past years, Kentucky kids have shared their talents on Children’s Advocacy Day by performing during the Rally for Kentucky Kids in the Capitol Rotunda and creating artwork to hang in the tunnel between [...]

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“All Kids Need Someone Rooting for Them!”

These remarks were part of the 2021 Rally for Kentucky Kids -- watch a recording of the virtual rally and read more in this press release.  By Felicity Therese Krueger I am so honored to be here. I have been going to Children’s Advocacy Day since I was 12 years old. I can remember walking into the Rotunda and seeing all these people passionate about helping youth. And every year the passion grew stronger in [...]

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Children’s Advocacy Week is Here! 3 Action Steps for You

It’s time, advocates! Children’s Advocacy Week is upon us. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and momentum to address systemic racism in Kentucky, your advocacy is more important than ever. Here are three action steps you need to take during—and in preparation for—Children’s Advocacy Week: 1. Check out the Children’s Advocacy Week schedule and build your personal schedule in our new app. Monday, February 1 11 AM EST – Kick-Off Event with comments from Senator David Givens 12 PM [...]

Kentucky Students Say Pandemic Led to Increased Vaping and Other Tobacco Use Among Peers

CONTACT: Mara Powell Bonnie J. Hackbarth Kentucky Students Say Pandemic Led to Increased Vaping and Other Tobacco Use Among Peers LOUISVILLE, KY – More than a third of Kentucky middle and high schoolers responding to a recent survey say the pandemic has increased students using e-cigarettes, or "vapes," and other tobacco products. And more than 14 percent said they believe e-cigarettes are safer for them to smoke than traditional cigarettes, according to the survey, which [...]

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What is Advocacy? How can I be an Advocate?

By Kayce Dallas, MSSW Intern at Kentucky Youth Advocates The dictionary defines advocacy as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Advocacy can mean something different to everyone. To Carli Mosby, Policy and Advocacy Analyst at Kentucky Youth Advocates, “advocacy is speaking up for those that may not have the ability to speak for themselves. It means doing something (on the state level, local level, or even the personal level) that will [...]

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Getting Down to Business: Growing Child Care to Grow Our Local Communities

If these uncertain times have taught Kentuckians anything, it is to value the essential services that so many of us took for granted. We might have never stopped to imagine a day without toilet paper or cleaning supplies, but we quickly realized the importance of our grocery workers when they filled their shelves. We might have never known what a blessing good health is until we depended upon our doctors and nurses to care for [...]

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OP-ED: Synergy Can Be a Game Changer in Frankfort for Kentucky Kids

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in The Courier Journal on January 15, 2021. Oxpeckers and zebras. Oxpeckers are small African birds which count on zebras as their key nutritional sources, eating the ticks that cluster on zebras. And zebras? Well, they depend on oxpeckers as pest control agents. The oxpeckers also make a hissing sound whenever they sense a threat, acting as the zebras’ early warning security system to escape to safer locales [...]

Updates on 2021 Medicaid Changes for Kentucky Kids and Families

Updated February 3, 2021 January 1st marked the start of new Medicaid plans for 2021. This year, there are several changes and updates to the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) providing health, oral health, and behavioral health coverage for Kentuckians.  A new MCO, United Healthcare, has been approved and began providing coverage in 2021. Any new Medicaid members who did not select an MCO have been automatically assigned to United Healthcare. United Healthcare has also been [...]

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