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What is the Family First Preservation Services Act?

There are a lot of changes happening within the child welfare system in Kentucky due to recent state policy changes, agency commitments from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and both state and federal funding that will have a profound impact on how our child welfare system functions and supports Kentucky children and families. The Cabinet has begun work on implementing House Bill 1, along with other needed reforms to transform the way our [...]

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Family Recovery Court: Families Together, Safe, and Healthy

Family is important. When a member of the family is going through a hard time, the rest of the family shares in that struggle, and when the family experiences successes, the rest of the family can revel in that joy as well. In light of the rise in substance use disorders both nationally and especially here in Kentucky, many families are facing more of those low times and, unfortunately the children in those families also [...]

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Guest Post: Opening Doors for Young Parents Like Me

Originally featured on the Kosair Charities Face It Movement blog. By Tina Agonva In 2008, I became a young parent raising a newborn. It was not easy. Kentucky has 57,000 children who are living with a parent who is between 18 and 24 years old, according to the latest policy report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Opening Doors for Young Parents. At 81%, our state ranks second in the nation for the percentage of children of [...]

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Building Opportunities for Kentucky’s Young Adult Parents and Their Children to Thrive

There are 50,000 Kentucky young adult parents facing a unique set of challenges and opportunities to help their families thrive, according to the latest KIDS COUNT® policy report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Opening Doors for Young Parents. With the right support, all parents — regardless of their age, income, or education — can create a stable environment for their children while also adding to a stronger Kentucky workforce. The report in many ways confirms [...]

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Tomorrow, September 20th, is “High Attendance Day” for all public schools in Kentucky. Districts and schools have been building up to this day by finding ways to award the schools who record the highest percentage of enrolled students coming to school that day. We know that showing up to school is important for every child. It’s so important that for at least two decades, state accountability indexes have included school and district Average Daily Attendance [...]

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Census Prep: For the Love of Country

Did you know today is Constitution Day? On September 17th of 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution in Philadelphia. Most Americans know that this document established the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms that “We the People” enjoy today. A lesser known fact is that the Constitution requires the decennial census that we’ve been blogging about for the past few months. In fact, Article 1, Section [...]

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Mark Your Calendar! 2019 Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol on February 13th

Hundreds of youth and adults attended Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol in 2018, and we need you to help pack the rotunda and ask elected officials to prioritize kids in 2019. Join us on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 for the 15th annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol! Register here. Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol began in 2004 as an effort to unite advocates from across the state to raise their voices on behalf of children’s [...]

Celebrating Kentucky Grandmas and Grandpas

Every year, the first Sunday after Labor Day, the United States recognizes and celebrates grandparents. Grandparents are important members of our families as they are the keepers of our family history, provide insight and advice on life’s milestones, and help keep family connected. In Kentucky, there are tens of thousands of grandparents who have also stepped up to raise their grandchildren. There are several reasons for grandparents to raise their grandchildren, including parental death, parental substance abuse, military [...]

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Step #1 Toward an Accurate Census: Creating Complete Count Committees

Photo provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation Last month, we blogged on the various ways the data from the decennial census are used and why it is therefore critically important to make sure everyone in Kentucky is counted in the #2020Census. Spring of 2020 may feel far away, but it takes a lot of planning to achieve an accurate count – planning that can’t start soon enough! The single best action [...]

Lessening the Effects of Trauma on Children

Traumatic experiences can happen to any of us, whether it’s growing up in an abusive or dysfunctional home or surviving a natural disaster. And, while everyone who has experienced trauma wants to move beyond it, the part of our brain tasked with ensuring our survival can complicate the process, even when we don’t remember the event. In highly stressful or potentially life-threatening situations, our brains activate a fight or flight response. Without even realizing it, [...]

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