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The Countdown is On: Children’s Advocacy Day is January 18th!

The 2018 Kentucky legislative session is well underway, which means the annual Children’s Advocacy Day (CAD) at the Capitol is just around the corner. Review these tips and reminders for before, during, and after Children’s Advocacy Day on January 18th: Before January 18th: If you haven’t already done so, register you and your group for CAD HERE. Watch the advocacy 101 and CAD prep webinar to be confident in attending CAD and advocating on behalf [...]

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Gifts for Kentucky Kids? Pragmatism and Guts

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier Journal on December 22, 2017.  In Tom Loftus’ recent piece, “… Matt Bevin Reaches His Defining Moment as Governor,” we saw a Christmas miracle. Governor Bevin and Representative Jim Wayne, certainly no political doppelgangers, agreed about the imperative of revenue enhancements. The governor wisely — and bravely — proclaimed, “You can’t cut your way into everything. You can’t.” It’s not as if Kentucky has not tried the [...]

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Guest Post: No Child Should Go Hungry

By Tamara Sandberg As a parent of teenagers, I’ve learned that when my kids hear me saying a slang phrase it undoubtedly means they will never repeat that phrase again. “Hanger” is one example—you know, that feeling of anger you get when you’re hungry? But I hope the phrase goes away for other reasons, too. It isn’t a joke that children at risk of hunger suffer real consequences. They are more likely to experience hospitalization, [...]

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93,000 Kentucky Kids Need Congress to Act on CHIP

During this time of year, the parents of the over 1 million kids across Kentucky are typically worrying about getting Christmas shopping finished and making sure they have just the right gifts under the tree for each child. Kentucky parents shouldn’t have to worry during this holiday season about whether or not their child will lose health insurance next year. Yet, families of nearly 93,000 Kentucky kids continue to worry and wait for Congress to [...]

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Get Ready, Get Set: Children’s Advocacy Day and the Advocate Checklist

COMING SOON: THE 2018 KENTUCKY GENERAL ASSEMBLY In less than a month, on January 2nd, the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly will begin. In just over a month, more than 1,000 advocates—teachers, social workers, youth, judges, and more—will pack the Capitol rotunda in Frankfort and ask our leaders to prioritize kids in their decisions. Join those advocates at the 14th annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol on Thursday, January 18th! Learn more and register to [...]

Announcing the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2018 Priorities

The Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children stands on three cornerstones: Thriving communities launch strong families. Strong families launch successful kids. Successful kids launch a prosperous future for Kentucky. We’re launching the 2018 Blueprint policy priorities with partners from across the state with those three cornerstones in mind. We invite you to learn more about the Blueprint priorities and how to get involved. Check out the 2018 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities. Read the fact sheets for [...]

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A New Approach for Kentucky KIDS COUNT: Past, Present, Future

The dashboard in a car tells us how far we’ve gone (the odometer), what our current situation is (the speedometer) and, in eco-conscious vehicles, how to achieve greater energy efficiency. Similarly, a focus on where we’ve been, where we are now, and how to achieve future improvement guided the creation of the new KIDS COUNT Data Dashboard, which was unveiled with the release of the 2017 County Data Book earlier this month. By providing the [...]

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National Adoption Month: Parent and Youth Perspectives

November is National Adoption Month. The best way to understand the impact of adoption is to hear the stories of the people who have lived it. The stories below are from the perspectives of an adoptive parent and her daughter. Pat's Story Hi, my name is Ms. Pat. I have been asked to write a little something on foster care and adoption I am not a writer, but here it goes. I have been a foster [...]

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Speaking Up for Health and Physical Education Standards

Early this month, the Kentucky Department of Education announced a request for feedback on the recently developed and revised Health and Physical Education Standards. These standards as drafted, follow the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 1 (2017) and involved educators and other stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. The Department is making one final outreach to Kentuckians as a whole for additional feedback through December 6th. All Kentuckians are able to provide their feedback on [...]

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National Adoption Month: Every Kid Deserves a Family

By Carli Mosby, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern November is National Adoption Month, an initiative led by the Children’s Bureau that seeks to raise awareness of the hundreds of thousands of foster children throughout the country, and the 1,774 children in Kentucky in need of permanent, loving families.  This year, the initiative focuses its awareness efforts on “Teens Need Families, No Matter What,” which emphasizes the thousands of teens in foster care that are at risk [...]

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