Ask Congress to Extend CHIP Funding for 5 Years!



Speaking Up for Health and Physical Education Standards

Early this month, the Kentucky Department of Education announced a request for feedback on the recently developed and revised Health and Physical Education Standards. These standards as drafted, follow the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 1 (2017) and involved educators and other stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. The Department is making one final outreach to Kentuckians as a whole for additional feedback through December 6th. All Kentuckians are able to provide their feedback on [...]

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National Adoption Month: Every Kid Deserves a Family

By Carli Mosby, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern November is National Adoption Month, an initiative led by the Children’s Bureau that seeks to raise awareness of the hundreds of thousands of foster children throughout the country, and the 1,774 children in Kentucky in need of permanent, loving families.  This year, the initiative focuses its awareness efforts on “Teens Need Families, No Matter What,” which emphasizes the thousands of teens in foster care that are at risk [...]

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Moving Forward for Kids: Investments in Our Future

In the 2017 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book, we are introducing a more holistic approach to measuring how children are faring in each Kentucky county. The County Data Book offers the latest data on 17 measures of child well-being, showing whether outcomes for children have improved, worsened, or stayed the same over a five-year period. It also calculates how many children would be impacted if Kentucky was able to make just a 10 percent [...]

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Kids Rely on the State Budget to Support Their Healthy Development

Health impacts every aspect of a child’s life and is one of the most important components of overall child well-being. As the Kentucky legislature faces tough decisions in crafting the next biennial state budget in coming months, it’s imperative that we as a Commonwealth ensure that the more than one million Kentucky children have access to the support they need for their healthy development. Kentucky kids rely on vital state programs, such as HANDS, KCHIP, Medicaid, [...]

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Kentucky’s Foster Care System: A Report from the Legislative Research Commission

November is National Adoption month, which makes the Program Review and Investigations Committee report on Kentucky’s foster care and adoption system very timely. In May 2016, the Program Review and Investigations Committee voted to initiate a study of Kentucky’s foster care system. The Committee’s Legislative Research Commission (LRC) staff looked at relevant statutes and regulations, evaluated agency procedures and practices, and made recommendations for improvement. What the Committee found was informative and important as the [...]

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Kids Rely on the State Budget for a Quality, Supportive Education

In 2018, the Kentucky legislature will be crafting the next state budget for the upcoming two years. While pension reform plans have been the major topic of discussion recently, Kentucky is also facing potential budget cuts that pose a real threat to adequate funding for our schools and supports for students. As we look for what our students need, the primary school funding formula - or SEEK funding - needs protected from any budget cuts. [...]

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Kentucky Kids are Counting on Congress to Extend CHIP Funding

Thirty-one days have passed since the September 30th deadline for Congress to extend funding for the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Child advocates across Kentucky and the nation are deeply concerned by Congress’ inaction on ensuring millions of children do not lose their health coverage. Kentucky’s version of the program, KCHIP, has been instrumental in lowering the number of uninsured children by providing affordable health insurance for children with working parents who are struggling [...]

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Kids Rely on the State Budget to Help Them Stay on Track to Succeed

By Clarissa Mobley, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern Crafting a family budget can be tough, especially when there are more monthly expenses than money coming in. Sometimes it comes down to buying groceries or paying the electricity bill on time. It may also mean having to take a second job to bring in more income. Similarly, crafting a state budget is about tough choices and setting priorities, especially in the face of drastic budget cuts. Kentucky [...]

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Open Enrollment and Former Foster Youth

The 2018 open enrollment period for health insurance begins November 1, 2017 and goes through December 15th. Let’s make sure everyone who is eligible signs up for the health insurance they need to stay healthy. National Adoption Month also begins November 1st, and we must remember those children who were never adopted. Compared to youth in permanent families, youth who age out of foster care have disproportionately high rates of serious physical, mental, and behavioral health [...]

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National Brush Day: Let’s Give Halloween Sweets the Brush Off!

By Cortney Downs, Kentucky Youth Advocates intern On Halloween, kids everywhere excitedly dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters before going trick-or-treating and devouring tons of candy and other sugary treats. For many kids, it’s a day they look forward to all year long! But with sugary treats comes the increased risk of cavities and tooth decay, the single most common childhood disease in the United States. As a result, November 1st has been designated [...]

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