Health impacts every aspect of a child’s life and is one of the most important components of overall child well-being. For optimal health, children need access to health coverage that allows them to receive high quality care addressing their physical, behavioral, oral, and vision health needs. Children also thrive in environments where they have clean air to breathe, opportunities for physical activity, and access to healthy food.



  • Ensure access to affordable health coverage for families and children to support preventive care and address health needs.
  • Promote access to high quality care, including primary, behavioral, and oral health care, to improve health outcomes for children.
  • Enact policies that offer smoke-free indoor air in workplaces and public places.
  • Promote policies creating environments that increase access to healthy food and support physical activity through complete streets and shared-use agreements.
  • Preserve Medicaid Expansion – Resources for Child Advocates.




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