“It’s been a tough few days” feels like an understatement when describing the COVID-19 crisis. My family is struggling to come to terms with this “new normal” of social distancing—be it for three weeks, or many weeks beyond that. And I know that every other family across Kentucky is grappling with their own challenges.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you a couple of updates about how Kentucky Youth Advocates is responding to COVID-19.

First, our team has taken steps to reduce the spread of the virus, including closing our office. We are all working remotely, reachable via email, and available for phone calls and video conferences. If you have questions or just want to check in, I encourage you to reach out to us.

Second, we are already taking action to ensure our state and federal leaders are prioritizing kids and families. Now, perhaps more than ever, Kentuckians are relying on those leaders. Our team is monitoring policy developments, collaborating with state and national partners, and communicating with decision-makers to help Kentucky through this crisis.

As the watchdog for Kentucky kids, we invite partners and advocates to weigh in on the current  challenges facing kids and families. We have hosted a strategic conversation to learn, share, and discuss the need for new or revised policy responses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to share updates from that conversation.

Kentuckians must rely on one another during this difficult time. And kids can still rely on Kentucky Youth Advocates.