Today’s Kentucky is very different from last week’s Kentucky. Social distancing and the measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are affecting the daily life of every Kentuckian—and the 2020 General Assembly.

As of now, the legislature is moving forward on the passage of bills and the state’s biennial budget. Kentucky Youth Advocates, along with many other partners across the state, are continuing to track the progress of bills and work with state leaders to ensure kids and families are their top priorities—even during this rapidly changing time.

The House passed its version of the state budget last week, and the Senate is working on its version of the budget now. While we expect to see a number of measures included that are good for kids and families, there are a few priorities that we and other advocates hope to see in the final version of the budget—review those items on the 2020 State Budget Checklist for Kentucky Kids.

A number of Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities are close to final passage. Check out the status of those bills, along with other bills that are good for kids, on our Bill Tracker.

Though advocates are not able to go to the Capitol, you can still stay connected to your legislator via phone, email, and social media. In addition, all committee meetings are being live streamed.

Now, perhaps more than ever, Kentuckians are relying on their leaders to ensure all kids have the opportunity to grow up healthy, safe, and successful. And kids are relying on advocates like us.