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Speaking Up for Health and Physical Education Standards

Early this month, the Kentucky Department of Education announced a request for feedback on the recently developed and revised Health and Physical Education Standards. These standards as drafted, follow the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 1 (2017) and involved educators and other stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. The Department is making one final outreach to Kentuckians as a whole for additional feedback through December 6th. All Kentuckians are able to provide their feedback on [...]

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Are You Up for the Challenge?

As a parent of three children – two who have graduated from the same Kentucky public high school and one who is just two years away from graduating – the past 16 or so years has been focused on helping them navigate through their educational experiences. There has been nothing more important than being a partner with other parents, teachers, and administrators in ensuring my children are accessing the content areas in a way that [...]

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Consistency, Communication, and Collaboration: Making School Resource Officers Work Best for Student Safety and Success

School Resource Officers (SRO), or law enforcement officers working in the school, were created to improve the safety of schools in response to school shootings. After years of being in place, we’ve learned what works for student safety and success, as well as pitfalls that create unintended consequences. This fall, the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council (JJOC) discussed ways Kentucky can improve the role of School Resource Officers in schools to address safety needs without unintended [...]

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The First Lady’s Youth Leadership Council Kick-Off Event

“So many people don’t know how to recognize abuse that isn’t physical.” “Help kids both within and outside of ‘the system’ to learn healthy methods to cope with their abuse.” “Abolish the rumors others outside of the foster care system start that automatically assume those within the system are ‘bad kids.’  Get kids out in the community doing good things.  Show people the good.” “Work on removing the moratorium and get the financial assistance up [...]

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Kids Should Be Treated Like Kids: A Presentation to the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council

Children are not little adults. We don’t expect a little league baseball player to pitch like a high school player. Young children start at the very basic level with a tee and an adult guiding them on how to hit the ball off of the tee. As they get older, year-by-year, they move up to machine pitch, then coach pitch, and eventually kid pitch. Just as we treat kids differently in sports, a presentation at [...]

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Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice Reforms: Shifting from Implementation to Integration and Collaboration

Kentucky’s juvenile justice reforms have reached their first year of full implementation and we are seeing positive results in making sure the state’s response matches what youth need to keep them from committing future offenses. Now with implementation well underway, the state agencies can work on ensuring implementation is meeting the standards of SB 200’s requirements for all youth in Kentucky. An analysis by the interim Commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) presented [...]

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A Checklist for a Healthy and Safe Summer Break

There’s a piece of me that continues to be jealous of my teenagers’ summer break. We have embarked upon our third week of summer, and the idealistic images I had of what their summers days would include while I’m at work have already dissipated. My rough survey of a few teens in my children’s “circle” led me to these top three “activities” on their daily to-do list: They want to sleep – a LOT. Apparently [...]

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Using Data to Ensure Equitable Treatment of Youth of Color

Kentucky’s communities are safest when we invest in what works best for children.  Right now, the stories and the numbers show that there are disparities in how children of color are treated within the Commonwealth’s systems that care for them.  To begin the process of addressing these disparities, Senator Whitney Westerfield has filed Senate Bill 270. SB 270 ensures that all systems who care for our youth -- education, child welfare, and youth justice -- will [...]

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Clearing Adult Records Helps Parents Take Care of Their Children

House Bill 40, filed by Representative Darryl Owens, passed the House on January 15th and is awaiting a hearing in a Senate committee.  This bill would expand record expungement to include the lowest class of non-violent felonies for those who have served their court-ordered requirements and moved forward on the right path without further offenses or violations.  A person who makes a bad decision that results in a criminal record, particularly a felony record, can [...]

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Attorney General Candidates Agree: Kids Are a Priority

As the state’s chief prosecutor, chief law enforcement officer and chief law officer, the Attorney General supervises Kentucky’s prosecutors and advises government officials and agencies by writing opinions concerning the law. These responsibilities are crucial in ensuring that state systems work for all of Kentucky kids. In an Attorney General Candidate Conversation About Kids on Monday, both candidates—Andy Beshear and Senator Whitney Westerfield—made it clear to the more than 150 attendees that protecting kids will [...]

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