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Lessons in Learning: Three School-Based Reflections for Caregivers of Children with Disabilities

Looking back across my son’s 13 years of elementary, middle, and high school education, I would do some things differently. When he was in 3rd grade, my son was identified with a disability, and while he thrived in so many ways, I would have made different choices along the way if I had known then what I know now. Being a teacher as well as a mom of a child with a disability certainly had [...]

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Educators Equipped to Recognize and Prevent Child Abuse

Kentucky’s children will have newly trained allies in the effort to erase child abuse thanks to the Kentucky General Assembly: their teachers. In March 2015, our legislature passed Senate Bill 119 which ensures that educators receive information on the prevention and recognition of all forms of abuse and neglect. Previously, educators were notified that they were required to report child abuse, but many were not given specialized information on how to recognize the subtle early [...]

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Rethinking Discipline for Students with Disabilities

As a former educator, I know that one of the most complicated, and I’d venture to say one of the most critical aspects of teaching children is the management of the various behaviors in the classroom. And as a mom, I know how frustrated I get when I try to provide various types of discipline to my three very different kids. Not one of the three respond to a certain method in the same way. [...]

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New Study Shows that Suspending Kids Can Have a Negative Effect on Non-Suspended Students

The findings of a new study that was conducted in Kentucky fly in the face of how some administrators, educators, and parents view the suspension of students. It is commonly thought that a disruptive student’s suspension will result in better learning for the “well behaved” students because it removes the student who is the source of distracting behaviors. Two researchers looked at the academic performance of these “well behaved” students who had never been suspended [...]

By | 2015-06-22T09:21:27+00:00 June 22nd, 2015|Blog, Education, Youth Justice|

State Agencies and Communities Work Together to Reform Juvenile Justice

July 1, 2015 is a monumental date for Kentucky’s juvenile justice reform. It is when SB200, the juvenile justice reform bill which passed in 2014, goes into full effect.  An unprecedented amount of communication and collaboration has occurred within the past year between the many agencies involved in making this reform a reality. At the May 12th Juvenile Justice Oversight Council meeting, Ryan Thornell, a consultant working with Kentucky from the Crime and Justice Institute, [...]

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Helpful Tips for Supporting Your Child During Testing

Spring in Kentucky brings us revived energy. Kids are outdoors, playing in the yards, sidewalks and on playgrounds again. The days are brighter, longer, and more colorful. Growth abounds. And the promise of the long, lazy, hazy days of summer are on the minds of every student who walks into the doors of their school. Oh, they cannot WAIT until summer. If teachers don’t HEAR those words ump-teen times a day, they certainly FEEL and [...]

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Still On: The Core Academic Standards Challenge

The Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge is still on. Terry Holliday, our Commissioner of Education, on behalf of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and in cooperation with a number of education advocacy groups across the state, originally issued this challenge on August 25, 2014. It will stay open until April 30, 2015. Kentucky became the very first state to adopt these standards in 2010. Even in the initial creation and subsequent adoption of them, [...]

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Reform in Juvenile Justice: FAIR Team Pilots Begin

A critical component of Kentucky’s recent juvenile justice reforms – the implementation of Family Accountability, Intervention and Response (FAIR) teams – got underway this month when Christian County’s FAIR team met on October 16th and began hearing cases. The FAIR teams were created in SB 200 with the intent to frontload services to youth in need and their families to help them get back on track in school and not end up in the court [...]

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Attendance Awareness Month: The Consequences of Chronic Absenteeism

Do you recall that ever-familiar roll call at the beginning of every day in every class for twelve years or more in school? It was one of those daily rituals that documented our presence each day. There was an obvious understanding that if you didn’t come to school, you missed-out on learning. But in today’s world of tracking data and results, we now know the impacts of school absenteeism are numerous and far-reaching. September is [...]

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A Challenge: Ice Buckets and Common Core

For the past month or so, social media channels have been flooded with images and sounds of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” My own 13-year-old daughter answered the challenge both individually (using a high school soccer team’s orange cooler of leftover ice water) and again with her golf teammates who then challenged their high school principal. She also committed some of her hard-earned babysitting money to the ALS Foundation for further research. This “pay-it-forward” movement has had unprecedented success in bringing awareness of the ALS disease and generated an [...]

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