This week, the Kentucky General Assembly has convened for a special session related to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping Kentuckians safe, and looking ahead to recovery for all Kentucky kids and their families. At this moment, House Joint Resolution 1 passed both chambers and was signed by the Governor, which extends or expires certain emergency orders through January 15, 2022. 

Also, House and Senate companion bills have been filed and are moving through the legislative process of being heard and voted on by their respective committees. As the legislature continues to move forward in this process, we will see committee substitutes and floor amendments. It’s unknown how long this special session will last, which is why it’s critical for child advocates to tune into KET or the LRC Youtube page to watch the process unfold and hear the most up to date information on each bill that is being considered. 

The special session is an important opportunity to be an advocate on issues that will affect kids immediately and in the long term. Whether you are reading this blog during the special session or after, contact your elected officials to ask them to support measures that keep kids safe and on track to success–both now and in the 2022 General Assembly.

5 ways to stay informed and take action:

  • Watch this video update from Dr. Terry Brooks. You can also listen to that update as an episode of the Making Kids Count podcast.
  • Read our statement, which includes an explanation and call-to-action on priorities for kids.
  • Check out the special session bill reference guide for more information about each bill and what they mean for Kentucky kids.
  • Contact your state senator and state representative about special session bills and how you would like to see them take action on behalf of kids in the 2022 General Assembly.
  • Tune into KET or the LRC Youtube page to watch committee meetings and chamber happenings to stay up-to-date as bills move through the process.