As a parent, I know that summer is rife with opportunities to fret about my kid’s safety. From the pool to the playground, the backseat to the backyard, I have to watch him like a hawk while teaching him lessons that will help him learn to keep himself safe. Because drowning is deemed the greatest risk of death for children ages one to four years old by The National Safety Council, I am teaching my son about water safety. And while we’re at the pool, I apply a lot—A LOT—of sunscreen and explain that it prevents sunburn. Because we are walking around our neighborhood more often this summer, I model walking on the sidewalk and looking both ways before crossing the street.

Just as I have made a commitment to keep my child safe from accidents and preventable injuries, local and state leaders in Kentucky have made commitments to keep kids safe from accidental injuries. For example, we now have a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) program in Kentucky to keep young drivers and their passengers safe. And local communities are implementing complete streets plans that make streets safer for walkers and bikers of all ages. As a parent of a young child, I am grateful for our updated booster seat laws in Kentucky because, if not for those policies, I might not know about the importance of transitioning my son to a booster seat after he outgrows his car seat.

Thank you to all the caregivers and leaders, from the halls of the Capitol to the halls of your own home, who are keeping kids safe across Kentucky this summer. Check out more summer safety tips here, and learn more about policy wins for kids here.