Safety MonthIt could never happen to me. It could never happen to my family. It could never happen to my kids.

So many times, we recite these lines in our head, even subconsciously. That is, until it does happen to you, your kids, or your family. We take for granted many things that we think our loved ones will simply “do” in order to keep themselves safe. With June being National Safety Month, it’s time to remind our families, and yes, even ourselves, of different safety risks and prevention methods that could save lives.

With summer days full of visits to pools, lakes, or even the ocean, it is imperative we take steps to reduce the risk of drowning, which is deemed the greatest risk of death for children ages one to four years old by The National Safety Council.

  • Before entering the water, children should be educated on water safety.
  • Furthermore, an extremely effective prevention method is being an active supervisor. Children may over-estimate their swimming abilities, become tired, or injure themselves on pool equipment, among other things.
  • As an added tip, while out in the sun don’t forget to protect your skin! Use and reapply sunscreen of a suitable SPF, seek shade, and wear protective clothing.

The National Safety Council also reports that motor vehicle crashes are the greatest cause of preventable death for teenagers and young adults. With the added freedom that summer provides, youth are out and about more than ever. Vehicle safety in a car is paramount – both IN a car and AROUND traffic. Instill important habits for kids of all ages:

  • Stop and look before crossing the street, only cross at pedestrian crosses where they exist, ride bikes on the correct side of the street, and wear helmets and safety gear.
  • At driving age, stick to the required number of passengers for new drivers, use seatbelts, never use electronics, and lower speeds in neighborhoods.
  • And remember, never leave young children in hot cars.

Many of these are not just reminders – these are rules set to save lives. For more safety tips and information please take a look at the resources below.