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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

The negative impact of wrong-headed and irrationally high stakes accountability and assessment on Kentucky’s kids – and on dedicated public school professionals – is incalculable.

Kentucky students must have a rigorous education system but also deserve one that is developmentally appropriate.  And Kentucky’s educators merit an accountability system that recognizes their expertise.

Senate Bill 158, sponsored by Senate President Pro Tem David Givens, begins to redefine the measurement systems in a way that is student-centric and is respectful of the professionalism in those classrooms. High standards, attention to best practices, a focus on achievement by our most vulnerable kids, and expanding flexibility to local education leaders to improve schools in their communities – those are the key elements to SB 158.

That’s why we applaud Senator Givens for championing this measure.

Educational success is complex, and SB 158’s proposed new dashboard of assessment measures emphasizes the importance of all students’ academic success. It also features thoughtful approaches to the state-imposed turnaround mandates through processes that support, rather than browbeat, schools.

Thanks also to Chair Regina Huff and to House Education Committee members for supporting the passage of SB 158 as supported by the full Kentucky Senate.

Every Kentucky student deserves a school experience that prioritizes their future and this measure is an important step in that direction.

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