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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

We have consistently asserted that Jefferson County Public School kids need the local board to continue to exercise its voice; a commitment to a fundamentally different way of doing business to ensure the safety and success of JCPS students; and, clear and transparent measures in place to ensure accountability for long-standing issues. The agreement announced between Interim Commissioner of Education Dr. Wayne Lewis and the Jefferson County Board of Education achieves those essentials in a creative and collaborative manner.

The local and state boards, Dr. Lewis, and Dr. Marty Pollio put kids before ideology. For more than 100,000 kids, that is good news indeed.

The next challenge is to craft a clear and compelling definition for what success looks like so that everyone knows expectations in an advanced and upfront manner. Principals, teachers, and parents deserve nothing less.

Let’s hope that, as tough as this negotiation has been for everyone, it signals a new day where results count and kids matter the most.