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Join Us at the Fund Kids First Rally on August 19

By | 2013-07-29T16:36:20+00:00 July 29th, 2013|Blog, Child Welfare & Safety, Economic Security, Education|

The Kentucky General Assembly begins a special legislative session on August 19.  While the state seems unable to find dollars for the youngest children in Kentucky, it ended its fiscal year with a $70.6 million surplus. We want to use this opportunity to let state legislators know that “It’s raining on kids” and its time to “Fund Kids First” including restored funding to the Child Care Assistance Program and the Kinship Care Program. 

Since April 1, no new families have been able to receive child care assistance or apply for the Kinship Care Program. Child care assistance helps low-income working families afford child care while the Kinship Care Program provides financial support to grandparents and other relatives who are raising children because they cannot live safely with their parents. In addition, the state changed income eligibility limits for child care assistance from 150 percent to 100 percent of the poverty level, causing 8,700 families to lose child care assistance each month.

Hundreds of advocates and families across the state have spoken out or signed-on in opposition of these cuts. On Monday, August 19 many more advocates and families plan to stand up for kids on the opening day of the special legislative session.

Join us at a Rally to Fund Kids First: Monday, August 19 in the Capitol Rotunda starting at 11:00am

Click here to let us know you are coming.

Bring with you…
– Bring an umbrella to use as a visual – “It’s raining on kids”
-a poster board sign (without a stick) that says, “Fund Kids First” or “It’s raining on kids” or some other similar message. We will have some extra signs if you are not able to make your own.

When you arrive, make sure to get…
-a sign if you aren’t bringing your own
-a picture with your legislator as you hold your sign
-a paper umbrella with a message to the Governor and your state legislators

Rally Agenda
-10:30: Make a sign for the rally and start filling the Rotunda and Mezzanine in the main Capitol building
-11:00am – Rally starts
-11:30am – Greet House Representatives on the steps of the House Chambers as they go into session. Take pictures with legislators on the back terrace with umbrellas and “Fund Kids First” signs
-12:00pm – House in session

Click here so we know you plan to attend.


  1. Karen Nance August 14, 2013 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    I am the Director of a childcare here in Frankfort. Just this week I have lost enrollment of 6 children due to working mothers losing their childcare assistance. That’s over $700.00 a week I have have lost in income. I have 14 more children enrolled that have childcare assistance. I expect to lose them also. How can I keep my business open after losing this income? I have 15 employees who will lose their jobs as well. Is this helping our State? Does Kentucky have their priorities right?

  2. deneace street August 14, 2013 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    I am one of those grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and the system is ALL WRONG. I have to work less than 30 hours a week in order to keep insurance on the 3 I am raising, thus i have no insurance, but make too much money to get state help with insurance. so now with obama care in the mix i will get penalized at tax time. is this really fair? If i were a foster parent there would be things handed to me on a silver platter, things like child care, insurance, food stamps. BUT because i stepped up to keep my babies out of a strangers home we are struggling, and struggling hard. IF i were a recovering drug addict not only would i get the previously mentioned, i would also get free housing, utilities paid, and money to get around on. Also, i would get an allowance to have repairs done on my vehicle….DOES ANYONE SEE WHATS WRONG HERE????? this is not only supporting a bad cause, it is sending a message to our children that it is ok to do wrong…the government will make it easier for you to continue to do wrong. I wish i had known about the rally sooner, but i can’t make it. I have court on the 20th, hopefully to get permanent custody. Things will only get worse after that im sure, i will loose any benefits i have, will be forced to work as many hours as i can stand up to , will have to figure out how to keep insurance, a roof, food and clothes on all of our backs…ALL BECAUSE I DECIDED TO DO THE RIGHT THING. i received a thing in the mail that told me i may qualify for free cell phone. i read it and at the end it had income criteria. i qualified. Here i make too much money to get the help my children deserve. They are ultimately the ones who are loosing out. I hear about “balanced” meals, eat this much fresh fruit, and this many veggies, but who can afford it? the state of Kentucky has revamped its system since the 80’s, does anyone know the cost of living has gone up? WAY UP in 20 years. I think kinship should be allowed for those who qualify even if full custody is granted, as well as child care. the courts can go after the parents but the children dont need to be the ones who suffer for their parents mistakes, and this is exactly what is happening. Ask this question. at 2600 a month before taxes, breaking down to $650 per person for a family of 4, SHOW ME someone who can live on that amount. and after taxes are taken out i averages out to about $500 a month. please…where has common sense gone?

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