KinshipCare_iconThree weeks ago we posted the Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit on our blog to help Kentucky kinship caregivers access health care and education for children. Once it was available to the public on our website, the form was electronically distributed statewide. The tool was developed to help relative caregivers easily create an affidavit on their own, without having to consult an attorney due to the financial implications that can have on the caregiver.

Just days after the release of the form, Kentucky Youth Advocates received a call from Anna* who stepped up to take care of her nephew, Jon*. Due to special family circumstances, the family decided it was in the best interest of Jon for him to move to a different city to live with his Aunt. Jon’s grandmother, who has permanent custody, and Anna, made the decision not to pursue a legal custody change at the present time for various reasons.

Anna made arrangements to meet all of the needs of her nephew, including creating his own space in the house, access to counseling services, and connections to activities for socialization and fun. The family’s goal was to make the transition to a new house and a new city smooth for Jon since change can be difficult to cope with, especially for young people. The transition also meant enrolling Jon in a new school in the district in which Anna lived. Immediate school enrollment was a top priority for the family, as they did not want Jon jeopardizing his education. The family planned to have Jon stay at the school until he graduates from high school.

Anna and Jon’s Grandmother utilized the Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit so Anna could enroll Jon in school and receive other educational services while living in her home.  The affidavit also allows Anna to access health care for her nephew.  Anna called Kentucky Youth Advocates with questions around the use of the Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit and alerted us to the fact that since the form and law were still quite new, the school had questions as well.

Anna is happy to report that Jon is now attending his new school and has settled in to his new home successfully.

This simple form can ensure a child has access to education and health care when they are in the care of relatives. It also helps alleviate some stress for kin caregivers while navigating life-changing circumstances.

If you or someone you know is caring for a relative child and could benefit from the use of this form, please click here for the model affidavit and further information.

If you have questions about the form please contact Shannon Moody at or 502-895-8167.


* Names have been changed to maintain privacy of the child and family