Today is National Kick Butts Day, a nationally recognized day led by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids dating back to 1996, that empowers teachers, youth, and health advocates to stand up and speak out about the issues created by tobacco use in their community, to encourage youth to be tobacco-free, and to urge elected officials to protect youth from tobacco. There are many ways you can participate in Kick Butts Day.

  • Check out the list of events happening in Kentucky communities on the Kick Butts Day here.
  • Organize an activity with your colleagues, peers, or community members. View suggested activities here.
  • Use the hashtag, #KickButtsDay, on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word and promote making the next generation tobacco free.

Another timely way to participate in Kick Butts Day is by contacting your State Senator to support House Bill 11 to ensure tobacco-free campuses are in every school district in Kentucky. With more and more Kentucky middle and high school students using tobacco products like e-cigarettes, a statewide tobacco-free school campus policy is the step in the right direction to protect the next generation from the harms of tobacco and nicotine. HB 11, championed by Representative Kim Moser, creates an environment where smoking cigarettes and e-cigs is not the norm, reduces teen tobacco use, and provides positive adult role modeling.

The bill has made significant movement, and as of last week has now passed through the Kentucky’s House of Representatives and the Senate Committee for Health and Welfare. Now, the bill moves onto the Senate Floor, where we are counting on State Senators to step up for children’s health by voting on HB 11 on final day of the legislative session, March 28th.

And we are counting of you to stand up and speak out on Kick Butts Day!