Updated September 16, 2020

Tumbleweeds seem to be blowing around the halls of Congress these days as families continue to struggle to feed their children, pay their rent, care for their children, and work to overcome the challenges of life during COVID-19. For a brief moment it seemed like politics would be put aside in favor of doing what is best for kids and families. But the spectacular leadership of our representatives in Washington seen with the bipartisan passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the CARES Act has been replaced by faction, discord, and the blame game. 

Time is running out for the U.S. Congress to take meaningful action on COVID-19 relief. While the U.S. Senate took a step forward recently by holding a vote on a smaller relief package, their measure failed to pass. Congressional leaders continue to disagree on the overall cost of the relief package as time marches on.

The bottom line is that without some agreement soon, it is difficult to imagine a relief package coming together prior to the November election. This failure to act will prove disastrous to Kentucky children and families, so we must act now to ensure that Congress takes action now.

Without a deal in September, Kentuckians can expect further delays into November and perhaps beyond.

To take action, contact your representatives in Washington and tell them to make these items a priority in negotiations: 

Food Assistance 

Ask Congress to extend the Pandemic-EBT benefit through the new school year and authorize budget relief for school nutrition programs to ensure children’s access to adequate nutrition as many students continue to stay home for virtual learning. 

Income and Housing Assistance

Ask Congress to authorize an additional round of income support payments that is equal for adults and children as well as accessible to households regardless of their immigration status and to allocate funds to programs that are best positioned to immediately help children and families experiencing homelessness and ensure their long-term stability, such as through the Emergency Family Stabilization Act and the McKinney-Vento Act’s Education for Homeless Children and Youth program.

Child Care

Ask Congress to provide a flexible investment of $50 billion in child care funding, which will provide approximately $958 million in child care aid to Kentucky, to stabilize the child care sector and better serve families seeking to return to work. 

Kids are counting on you to make their priorities known, Kentucky!  Take action today by telling our leaders in D.C. that our kids need help and they need help now. Check out our COVID-19 Action Hub for more resources on federal action needed.