Next Tuesday, June 13th, Kentucky Youth Advocates co-releases the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT Data Book. The Data Book includes data on all 50 states, and you can see how Kentucky is faring on 16 key indicators of child well-being. You can find the book on our website next week, and you can be the first to know about the book by signing up for email alerts and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Once you are ready to dive into the data next week, here is a checklist you can use to make sure you take full advantage of the 2017 Data Book.

  • Download the 2017 Kentucky Profile. You can share this handout with community leaders and officials in your county along with your ideas on how to improve child well-being.
  • Review the Economic Security, Education, Health, and Family & Community domain pages in the Data Book to see national trends and learn where Kentucky ranks on the 16 key indicators of child well-being.
  • Read our state press release to hear from advocates from across the Commonwealth and learn solutions to improve child well-being, help families, boost local economies, and strengthen Kentucky.
  • REMINDER: Due to changes in the child well-being index you cannot compare this year’s rankings to last year’s rankings.
  • BONUS TIP: Don’t forget that the KIDS COUNT Data Center has many, many more indicators of child and family well-being for Kentucky and your county and school district than what you’ll find in the Data Book. Use the Data Center to take a deep dive into child well-being data for your community.

P.S. We know you are also looking forward to the 2017 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book, which includes county-level data. That will be released in November.