Kentucky kids, show us your art and talents!

Children’s Advocacy Week is less than a month away, and while we have plans to replace the in-person advocacy events with virtual ones, there are a couple of things we are still missing: art and musical performances from Kentucky kids!

In the past, Kentucky kids have performed during the Children’s Advocacy Day rally and created art to hang in the tunnel between the Capitol and Annex buildings.

This year, Children’s Advocacy Week will feature a virtual art show and recorded performances from kids, which means…

Kentucky kids, we need you! Draw, paint, write, sing, make a speech, or dance to inspire our state leaders to do what is best for Kentucky kids and their families. All young Kentuckians are encouraged to submit—from babies to young adults. You could share…

  • Your favorite thing about being a kid in Kentucky
  • What you hope the future of Kentucky looks like
  • Thank you messages to our state leaders or the adults who care for you
  • What you think Kentucky kids need to be happy, healthy, and hopeful
  • An inspiring or encouraging song
  • And more!

Kentucky parents, caregivers, and educators, we need you to submit your kids’ performances, art, and writing! Please use this form to share your submissions by Monday, January 25th.

Things to know:

  • We will include all submissions in Children’s Advocacy Week but ask for no more than one video and one piece of art/writing per child
  • Videos should be 90 seconds or less, and we may edit videos to be even shorter
  • Art/writing should be submitted as a scanned image or high quality photo
  • Group or class performances are GREAT

Questions? Contact Jessie Whitish at

We look forward to seeing and sharing all of your creations!

Check out these examples of how we’ve utilized children’s artwork and quotes: