To help prevent and mitigate childhood adversity, many on-the-ground community partners are hard at work providing needed resources and support to Kentucky kids and families. The Bloom Community Spotlight blog series highlights the important work being done by Bloom Kentucky community partners throughout the Commonwealth.

By Priscilla McIntosh, The Morton Center, Inc.
Louisville, KY

Photo Credit: The Morton Center

I have two children, 13 and 10-year-old daughters. 

As a mom, the last two+ years have been the most difficult. 

Harder than when they were newborns. Harder than the terrible twos. Harder than their first days of school. And puberty – oh goodness – I think it has been made worse.

School has been tough. The inability to see friends when they wanted has been tough. We’ve–just this summer–gotten back to a somewhat normal camp schedule. But there is no guarantee they will not get COVID, and no absolute guarantee it won’t be bad.

As a mom, I have had to consider their physical health AND their mental health. Those decisions are not always easy.

It has been difficult for them, too. And if teen addiction rates are any indication, then I would say as parents, we must be ultra-aware of what is going on with them. Moreso than ever before.

And for some of us, myself included, having a teen in the house is a new experience. It is unfamiliar territory. So, to have it compounded with an active pandemic, along with all the other craziness in the world right now, we must be a new breed of parent – navigating a global pandemic, being more aware than any parents have ever had to be, and having patience beyond what we ever thought possible.

I am fortunate to work at The Morton Center where I have many resources at my fingertips. There are therapists who specialize in child and adolescent therapy. There are therapists that specialize in group support. And everything in between.

That new breed of parent I mentioned? That means reaching out for help when you need it. We’re here. And if you or your teen is struggling, you’re not alone. We can’t do this by ourselves… none of us. We’re in uncharted territory.

If we can help provide resources and support, please reach out and check out our website:

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