Summer is here! Now is the time to discuss policies that passed in the 2022 legislative session and brainstorm new priorities for next session, create an advocacy plan around issues that impact your community and/or you, and educate policymakers.

As you are getting out there enjoying summer activities, there are many ways to advocate for yourself, family, clients, and your community:

  1. Stay informed.
  2. Communicate with your state legislators.
    • Find out who your state Senator and Representative are at or call toll free 1-800-372-718.
    • Connect with your legislators through social media, email, a phone call, or writing a letter. Let them know if you agree or disagree with a policy and provide policy recommendations.
    • Follow tips for communicating with your legislators through our Advocacy Toolkit.
    • Attend local and statewide events that legislators will be attending.
  3. Get to know your candidates and make a plan to vote.
    • Do your research as candidates announce for local, state, and federal races to understand how their priorities will impact your daily lives for what may be generations come. Before you begin, check out the latest data on child well-being:
    • Know what each candidate stands for, pause to consider how our choices at the ballot box will impact particularly children who depend on use to make the right choices, and vote for the one that aligns with your morals and values.
    • Ask candidates the following questions:
      • What are your policy priorities related to kids and families?
      • Do your policies serve the needs of all kids?
      • What have you done for kids lately?
    • Learn more about your local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates and all you need to know for upcoming elections:

Advocacy is important all year round – not just in Frankfort during the legislative session. Start advocating for yourself, your family, and your community during these summer months!