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Restraints at Schools Present Risks to Students and Staff

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier-Journal on September 20, 2016. Read it online here. Children in Kentucky’s public schools spend a minimum of 170 days a year in the classroom. For some students, one or more of their days could find them in a situation where behaviors, classified as beyond control, lead to a staff member in their school employing a physical restraint or utilizing a seclusion room. This reality is especially true for [...]

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The Ripple Effect and Child Poverty

You remember, don’t you? You’re that twelve-year old kid on a hot summer day. You and your friends are exploring that lake or pond or stream. And you pick up a handful of jagged rocks and toss them into the water. Almost magically it happens. That rock hits the surface, plunges in and then in its aftermath, those small waves emanate from the center and seemingly reach out forever. The ripple effect. Physicists have taken [...]

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12,000 More Reasons to Protect Gains in Health Coverage

Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released new health insurance data, revealing good news for Kentuckians. The data shows an increase in health insurance coverage rates for people of all ages in Kentucky from 85.7 percent in 2013 to 94.0 percent in 2015. Kentucky’s overall coverage rate is now tied with two other states at 10th in the nation. The one-year estimates from the American Community Survey revealed that 95.8 percent of Kentucky children under age [...]

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Is the Medicaid Waiver Good for Kentucky Kids?

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier-Journal on August 25, 2016. Read it online here. “Is it good for kids?” That is the question we at Kentucky Youth Advocates always ask of our decision-makers, and we have carefully considered that question in response to the Bevin administration’s 1115 Waiver proposal to modify Kentucky’s Medicaid program. In reviewing the proposal, known as Kentucky HEALTH, we see some positives but also have concerns. Kentucky Youth Advocates supports [...]

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Kentucky Kids Need Your “WHYs?” and “WHAT IFs?”

This week, the New York Times featured an article from Warren Berger, the author of the wonderful book "A More Beautiful Question." Berger reminded organizations of the power of asking, “Why?” and “What If?” Two weeks ago you read about the data side of the recently released 2016 National Kids Count Data Book. This week I’d like to apply Berger’s interrogatives to that data. WHY does child poverty get ignored in the political chatter in Frankfort? And [...]

3 Ways “Fostering Success” Wins for Kids

Governor Matt Bevin, Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and Commissioner Adria Johnson of the Department of Community Based Services announced a new program that will serve as a pipeline for success for over 100 youth aging out of the foster care system. Fostering Success will include a ten-week workforce training and mentoring program with the goal of linking youth ages 18 to 23 to additional employment opportunities as [...]

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We Play to Win for Kids I JUST LOVE THAT VIDEO. It is usually among those selected when pundits choose the “greatest sports quotes of all time.” And, of course, Herm Edwards – a coach with a losing record – is now one of the experts on ESPN. I believe – at my core – that we “play to win the game FOR KIDS.” Nice tries. Pyrrhic victories. Rationalizations at failure. Those phrases leave me cold. It does kids [...]

A Shared Sentence

Policy debates about incarceration rarely focus on the impact on children. Yet, we know that when a parent is in jail or prison, it creates an unstable environment for kids that can have lasting effects like poverty, changes in living situations, and mental and emotional health issues. A new KIDS COUNT® policy report, A Shared Sentence: The Devastating Toll of Parental Incarceration on Kids, Families and Communities, estimates 135,000 children in Kentucky have had a parent incarcerated, according [...]

Prioritize the Most Vulnerable in the Budget

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier-Journal on February 13, 2016. Read it online here.  Budgets – be they for a family, a business or a state – are a statement about values and priorities. What do you invest in and what don’t you? That alone makes building Kentucky’s biennial budget a tough proposition. Add to that the fiscal constraints that confront Gov. Bevin and legislative leaders, and you have an even tougher proposition. And yet, I [...]

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“Bright Spots” Abound for KY Kids in Governor Bevin’s Proposed Budget

On Tuesday, Governor Bevin delivered his first State of the Commonwealth Budget Address to a joint session of the Kentucky House and Senate. Governor Bevin focused his remarks on themes such as making Kentucky the best version of itself, the need to deal with debt facing our state, and taking care of Kentucky’s most vulnerable citizens. While any assessment of Governor Bevin’s budget proposal Tuesday evening will require more time to ensure accuracy and understanding, there [...]

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