FundKidsFirstRally_lowres-79Recently, Governor Beshear said that he might delay restoring child care assistance until August or even later. The legislature approved funding to restore assistance beginning July 1. That means the freeze on applications was supposed to be lifted and eligibility increased in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in about two weeks. The governor said state revenues are below expectations, but a cabinet spokesperson said that the shortfall should not impact child care payments.

Please contact the governor’s office TODAY and urge him to restore child care assistance now.

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Dear Governor Beshear,

It’s been reported that you might delay restoration of the Child Care Assistance Program. Please do not do that. Too many families are suffering severe hardships trying to support their families and provide their children with safe care and education while they work.

You have placed children’s needs at the top of your administration’s agenda and have made difficult investments on their behalf that are having tremendous impact. However, child care assistance must be a part of any effort to help children. Last year’s cuts have been devastating especially in the last six months. Working families and child care providers are at the breaking point. They need relief now.

Please follow through with your plan and the budget passed by the legislature and re-open enrollment on July 1 with eligibility at the highest level possible.

Thank you for your steadfast support of what’s best for Kentucky’s children.