Blueprint logoA couple weeks ago, I shared with my 2nd grade son that I was going to a strategic planning meeting to talk about how to make things better for the community. My son enthusiastically asked if he could go too. The idea of being a part of figuring out how to make things better for something he cared about excited him. I had to break the news to him that the meeting was during the school day, but his eagerness to be a part of the conversation reminded me of how valuable it is to have opportunities to get engaged and make a difference.

Each year, Kentucky Youth Advocates leads the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children through a process of identifying and prioritizing ways to create, improve, or fix policies that will make Kentucky a better place to be young. Partners join together with similar enthusiasm for helping figure out how to make a difference for Kentucky children. We gather ideas, assess the research and data on the topics, and discuss the impact the ideas would have on the lives of Kentucky children. After gathering input from Kentuckians throughout the state, we determine our top priorities.

The 2015 Blueprint agenda covers topics ranging from health and safety to education and economic security. If Kentucky acts and implements the policies, the changes will help protect children from child sexual abuse and violence in dating relationships, improve children’s health, and help our youngest children have quality early learning experiences, among other positive impacts for kids.

We hope you will join with us in making Kentucky a better place for our children. Become a Blueprint partner and share the agenda with lawmakers and people in your community. Together, we can ensure another successful year of helping Kentucky kids and families to be healthy, safe and secure.