Children can’t vote or contribute to campaigns, but the issues that impact their lives will be decided by the choices we make this coming Tuesday when we head to the polls.

Right now, children in Kentucky face a mountain of challenges: Kentucky leads the nation in the number of child deaths from abuse and neglect, places 6th in child poverty, and places 3rd in child obesity.

Over the past three weeks we have used this blog to highlight agenda items in the 2012 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children – clear solutions that we want our elected officials to not only support, but champion as part of their plan for the next four years. While none of our asks are small, they have critical implications for children and families in our state.  They include the following (click on the links for a full blog post about that topic):

Let’s be honest. With only 5 days left until Election Day in Kentucky, we haven’t heard much from our candidates about how they plan to make the Commonwealth a better place for children, much less their positions on the Blueprint priorities listed above.

That’s all the more reason to step up our efforts for children, starting Wednesday, November 9 to push our newly elected officials to make children’s issues a priority – not in word, but in deed.

Improving the lives of children in our state needs to be a top priority for our elected officials, because the future success of Kentucky depends on the well-being of our children today. We need a governor who understands that until we invest in our future, we are never going to make progress as a commonwealth.