KOHC_FeaturedImageThis year’s month long observance of National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) is coming to a close at the end of February. Oral health advocates are a key component of promoting and improving the oral health of all Kentuckians. In fact, everyone can support oral health advocacy, and not just during the month of February, but all year long!

During the 2015 Kentucky Oral Health Summit, KOHC unveiled a new video identifying the oral health needs of Kentuckians of all ages as well as the benefits of good oral health. This video is a great resource to share with friends, family, and professional networks to raise awareness of oral health challenges and support oral health advocacy efforts. Below are a few highlights.

Did you know?

  • Kentucky is home to one of the top rates of adults over 65 without their original teeth.
  • Four out of ten children in Kentucky have never visited a dentist.
  • Many Kentuckians are more likely to visit an emergency room instead of a dentist’s office for dental pain, especially Kentuckians without dental insurance.

Why is oral health important?

  • Good oral health is vital to good overall health.
  • Oral health is an economic driver.

Finally, you might be wondering who is responsible for promoting oral health in our state. The answer, simply, is all of us. To get started (or to continue your advocacy work), share the KOHC video below and visit the KOHC website to learn more about oral health advocacy in Kentucky.

We, at KYA and KOHC, hope that you join oral health advocates around the commonwealth in encouraging good oral hygiene habits and healthy eating habits. Together, we can help keep Kentucky healthy, strong, and smiling!