This video was originally a WDRB guest point of view. You can view it online here.

screenshot from WDRB

Last April 1st, when faced with tough budget decisions, Gov. Beshear announced cuts to child care assistance that allowed working moms and dads to enroll their little ones in quality child care.

Those supports helped parents make ends meet while working low-wage jobs. Without this assistance, parents face a hard decision: to spend nearly all of their hard-earned wages on child care or to just quit their jobs. From Prestonsburg to Paducah and throughout WDRB’s viewing area in Kentucky, we have heard the devastating results.

The Governor’s decision to restore the eligibility level and lift the freeze on people signing up for help – announced this week during his budget address – was welcome news for Kentucky children.

We know that quality early learning experiences are important to help low-income children be ready to enter school. It was painful for parents who gave up productive work; and it was hard for local economies as child care workers were laid off and child care centers – which are vibrant small businesses – closed their doors. Governor Beshear’s restoration of the funding means an investment in families – allowing parents to work while children are in safe care.

Kentucky’s kids need your help! First, thank the Governor for stepping up for children. Then ask your state Senator and your state representative today to keep restored funding for child care help in their respective budgets. Then kids and families, local economies and the state budget can be part of a winning solution!

I’m Terry Brooks, and that’s my Point of View.