All children deserve to grow up in a safe, loving, and permanent home. Children who have experienced abuse or neglect and enter into foster care should be placed with a family who can care for them and provide the support they need. Sadly, every year over the last several years there were more than 100,000 children in public foster care waiting to be adopted because they do not have the option of returning to their parents or other relatives. In Kentucky, more than 2,000 kids are waiting to be adopted by someone who can provide them a forever home.

November is National Adoption Month – a time to raise awareness about children in foster care waiting to be adopted. All youth need a sense of belonging, and adoption can provide children in foster care the stability and support they need to overcome challenges and provide opportunities for success.

Do you know someone who is considering expanding their family? Encourage them to check out this site where they can view Kentucky children waiting to be adopted.  Every Kentucky kid deserves a family.