EICPlease join Kentucky Youth Advocates and others in a Tweet Chat this Monday, March 17, from 3pm to 4pm EST to discuss how a state Earned Income Tax Credit would benefit Kentuckians.

Senate Bill 155 would enact a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in Kentucky. This would magnify the federal credit’s proven ability to promote workforce participation, stimulate local economies, and reduce poverty—particularly among children. A state EITC would help thousands of hardworking Kentucky families make ends meet in this challenging economic climate.

How would a Kentucky EITC benefit you or those you know? How might local businesses and communities be strengthened by a state EITC? Why should reducing childhood poverty be a priority? Weigh in on these and other important questions by participating in the Tweet Chat on Monday.

Join the conversation this Monday at 3pm using the #EITCforKY hashtag. You can also join the conversation by following KYA @KYYouth and Katie Carter @KatieElizCarter. If you want to learn more about the EITC beforehand, please review our issue brief or recent blog post on the subject. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you will invite your friends and colleagues to take part in this important discussion.