A year and a half ago, the Annie E. Casey Foundation – the creator of the national KIDS COUNT project – unveiled a new and improved online Data Center to house the thousands of indicators of child and family well-being they, and their KIDS COUNT groups across the states (like Kentucky Youth Advocates), collect and make available for policymakers, service providers, researchers, and child advocates like you.

Figuring out how to use the new Data Center is well worth it, as it offers a wealth of information on how children and families are faring in your nation, your state, and your community, but I realize most people haven’t had the opportunity to spend as much time on the site as I have. So, I’d like to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned for finding exactly what you’re looking for, as quickly as possible, and how to take advantage of the great tools the site offers.

The clearest way to describe navigating the Data Center is through visualizations, so please take a few minutes to view this PowerPoint presentation, and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or issues you’re experiencing with the site. The KIDS COUNT project is at the cornerstone of all our work by measuring child outcomes, enhancing public accountability for those outcomes, and strengthening public action on behalf of kids. We hope the Data Center makes it easy for you to incorporate KIDS COUNT into the work you do too.