This article was originally posted by the Kia Store on August 27, 2019.

By Brad Paschal

Each one of us has fond memories of the place we grew up. That setting even has its own name that brings a wave of nostalgia and smiles to our faces when we hear the word “hometown.”

What the Kentucky Youth Advocates continue to work hard at doing is giving kids in the state the opportunity to build those same positive memories and life tools as they grow up. For decades, Kentucky Youth Advocates have been a caring voice for children across the state with the mission to make Kentucky the best place for kids to learn, play, and live!

Using Data to Find Solutions

There are many ways the Kentucky Youth Advocates are able to accomplish their mission and goals. Part of what they do is research. This includes gathering data and seeing which trends there are in terms of the well-being of children.

They look at this from all angles, from health to economic security to education. They then compile their findings and organize them together in their Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book. Not only does the data in this book help them see which implemented strategies have helped the youth in the commonwealth through the past few years, but it can also shed light on other areas where attention and change are needed.

Building a Strong Network of Advocates

They also focus their efforts on bringing together different groups and organizations across the commonwealth who all share the similar goal in developing policies that benefit children.

This is done through their Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children, which brings together the various groups that speak with one common voice for the kids. The Kentucky Youth Advocates are able to develop and share resources with fellow advocates about the Blueprint, which gives them all the tools needed when they speak to legislators.

Each change they attempt to bring to policy makers is with the encouragement of building thriving communities with strong families, which allows kids to have the foundation needed to build a successful future for themselves as well as the state of Kentucky.

Looking to Get Involved?

There are various ways you can help the Kentucky Youth Advocates make a brighter future, not only for your kids, but all children across the state. This includes the donations that can be made online, which are always greatly appreciated by the organization. They can also help you learn more about your local legislators, so you can vote on behalf of all the kids in your community.

You can also come out and support their efforts at the various events they host throughout the year. This includes their annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol. Each year for this event, hundreds of advocates gather in Frankfort to collectively use their voices to be heard by state legislators.

Continue to Help Make Kentucky a Great Place for Kids!

If you’re looking to see how you can help better the well-being of youth in Kentucky, reach out to Kentucky Youth Advocates today! Also be sure to mark your calendar for January 23, 2020, when they will be hosting their annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol.