“A self-imposed deadline is the worst reason to sacrifice quality in implementing what amounts to a revolutionary change in the way health services are delivered to Medicaid members in Kentucky. The month delay can actually be good news for Kentucky’s Medicaid members if the Cabinet uses October to guarantee a smooth, high-quality and personalized roll out. There is no question that the initial timeline was micro-waved in nature and in many aspects, the delay is not unexpected. What will the impact be?

The answer lies in three very real questions at hand:

  • What steps will the Cabinet take to effectively communicate the change of plans to Medicaid members?
  • What steps will the Cabinet take to ensure that Medicaid members receive uninterrupted and quality care during the month-long detour?
  • What steps will the Cabinet and the managed care companies take to assure a system in which there is a sufficient supply of providers for every Medicaid member in every part of the state?

The delay can actually be a value-added element to improving quality in health services for Kentuckians or it can be a warning that the proposal is long on ambition and short on delivery. November 1st will answer that conundrum.”