Mara Powell

Statement from Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

LOUISVILLE, KY – An ID is necessary to drive a car, get a job, open a bank account, apply for government benefits, sign a lease, qualify for a loan, pick up a prescription, and even access homeless shelters. Yet, young people experiencing homelessness face challenges to obtaining this form of identification, such as parental consent requirements.

House Bill 21, sponsored by Representative Randy Bridges, addresses this barrier for homeless youth unaccompanied by an adult hoping to find stability and escape poverty. Many of the unaccompanied youth were either kicked out of their home or had to leave due to fear for their own safety and, as a result, have little to no relationship with their parents. HB 21, which passed the House Transportation Committee today, updates Kentucky’s homeless ID law to allow unaccompanied homeless youth to get an ID without parental permission.

We thank Representative Bridges and the bill’s many co-sponsors for championing this critical issue. We also thank the House Transportation Committee members for unanimously ensuring it advances this legislative session.

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