Mara Powell

Statement from Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

LOUISVILLE, KY – Senate Bill 65 in its final form took a much needed and long-awaited rate increase for dental providers and left it steeped in ambiguity. It rips newly added access to critical dental services for some 900,000 vulnerable Kentuckians. And it will ensure that the Commonwealth continues to languish as one of the top five worst states for oral health in this nation.

The genesis of this unfortunate piece of legislation is a raw partisan battle between the General Assembly and the Governor. Both branches of our government should be holding each other accountable when one thinks the other overstepped its bounds. Yet, there should also be no doubt that neither providers nor Kentucky families should pay the price for a political food fight.

SB 65 has providers left holding the bag with more Kentuckians losing dental benefits than the total population of Alaska. It’s as unwise as it is unfair.

Read the full statement from our partners at the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.


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