Andrea Bennett

icon_justice (1)Jeffersontown, KY – Today, the Unified Juvenile Code Task Force announced strong recommendations for changes to Kentucky’s juvenile code. The recommendations reflect a commitment to Kentucky’s children, to public safety and to using taxpayer dollars effectively to achieve better outcomes.

We commend Representative John Tilley and Senator Whitney Westerfield for their bipartisan leadership in guiding the Task Force in a thorough analysis of the data and the status of Kentucky’s juvenile justice system.

We are encouraged by the commitment of the task force members to find common ground and identify changes that will make Kentucky’s juvenile justice system work better to achieve the outcomes we all want to see – better outcomes for children, increased public safety, and more effective use of state dollars.


Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA) is a non-partisan, non-profit, children’s advocacy organization. KYA represents a voice for Kentucky’s most precious asset – its youth.  We believe that Kentucky’s youth deserve the opportunities and resources necessary to ensure their productive development and health.