family_readingResearch suggests that children placed in family settings are more likely to have better health, developmental, and educational outcomes in comparison to those placed in residential facilities. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing various resources for children and families, tailored to the needs of each family setting. This week we’re highlighting resources to help parents and their children remain safe and together. Check out the available resources to strengthen Kentucky families below.

Parents and their children should remain safe and together, when at all possible. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual, and at times, parents need support and guidance.

Kentucky Health Access and Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) provides voluntary in-home services to new parents to promote safe environments for optimal care and development for children from birth to age three. New parents must enroll in HANDS during pregnancy, or before their child reaches three-months old to be eligible for services. To enroll in HANDS or for more information on the program, parents should call (502) 564-3756 or visit the program website.

Additional parental education programs are available throughout Kentucky focusing on strengthening parenting skills and preventing child abuse such as Parents Acquiring Skills and Strength (PASS), parental education groups, and Nurturing Parenting programming.

Resources are also available for families with school-age children through local school-based Family Resource and Youth Services Centers (FRYSC). These centers focus on non-academic barriers to success in children by addressing the needs of the family. The FRYSC provide assistance and referrals to families in areas including health and social services, family training and education, career development, and crisis and mental health counseling. For more information about FRYSC supports and locations, click here.