Your_turn1Childhood obesity is an issue in Kentucky – we are currently in the top 5 states in obesity rates. You have an exciting opportunity to influence a state level plan to improve this indicator of health.

Please take a moment to add your voice in this quick turnaround opportunity in include health issues in the KY Transportation long range plan. The public comment period is open until June 23. 2014.

The website is:  Here is a 1.5 minute video to explain the process:

Here are a few areas for possible comments:

  • Health is not mentioned in the demographic section. Health advocates in Northern Kentucky have successfully been able to request that health be included in the draft regional policy plan, currently receiving public comment. Being able to utilize roadways for health related activities (i.e. biking, walking, and running) is a critical policy issue for advocatesTo see what is included in the draft regional plan that includes Northern Kentucky as well as the Greater Cincinnati region, review the Land Use Section, under Issue #31 (page 17 -18).
  • Add pictures of walking and biking (Figure 1.3.a) and mention it as a mode of transportation in the text (page 1-4).
  • Include health in the section on poverty (section 2.0).
  • Include a section on “health considerations'” after “environmental considerations” in section 5.1.  Discuss role of the built environment on health and safety of residents.  Include the concept of complete streets in the KY plan, which means making streets safe for all users. The two quotes from the public in the environmental section are discussing health, so the health discussion would dovetail nicely with the environmental discussion.

Please click here to submit your comments on the transportation plan by June 23.