In Frankfort this week, the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee and leadership will be putting together a budget proposal to be voted on by the full House next week. According to reports, the House is planning to pass a budget similar to the budget Governor Beshear presented, which includes the following components critical to children:

  • Expands funding for front line social workers.
  • Protects the Department for Community Based Services budget from cuts.
  • Adds $15 million for expanded preschool opportunities.

We are encouraged to see the Governor’s budget works to protect children and families. Despite these expansions, it does not include one support proven to help low-income, working families close the gap between what they earn and what they need to make ends meet while supporting local economies: a state, Earned Income Tax Credit. The proposed budget protects funding for businesses and corporations to benefit from tax breaks, and a tax credit for Kentucky’s working families can also spur economic activity.

Take Action

House Leadership and legislators on the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee need to hear the following message from you by TOMORROW, Friday, March 2:

As you put the finishing touches on the House budget bill, please keep funding for kids and families in mind. Protect the Governor’s proposed expansion in funding for preschool and social workers, and keep the protection of funding for the Department for Community Based Services in place, which will keep kids safe. Please support families and local economies by including a state, Earned Income Tax Credit.

Dial 502-564-8100 and ask to leave a message for House Leadership and all legislators on the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee. If you are a constituent of one of the members, ask to speak with that legislator directly.

Here is a list of the legislators on the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee:

House Appropriations and Revenue   Committee 

Rep. Rick Rand [Chair]

Rep. John A. Arnold [Vice Chair]

Rep. Dwight D. Butler [Vice Chair]

Rep. Bob M. DeWeese [Vice Chair]

Rep. Fred Nesler [Vice Chair]

Rep. Arnold Simpson [Vice Chair]

Rep. Brent Yonts [Vice Chair]

Rep. Royce W. Adams

Rep.   John “Bam” Carney

Rep.   Jesse Crenshaw

Rep.   Ron Crimm

Rep.   Mike Denham

Rep.   Kelly Flood

Rep.   Danny Ford

Rep.   Derrick Graham

Rep.   Keith Hall

Rep.   Richard Henderson

Rep.   Jimmie Lee

Rep.   Reginald Meeks

Rep.   Lonnie Napier


Rep.   Sannie Overly

Rep.   Marie Rader

Rep.   Jody Richards

Rep.   Steven Rudy

Rep.   Sal Santoro

Rep.   Jim Stewart

Rep.   Tommy Turner

Rep.   Jim Wayne

Rep.   Alecia Webb-Edgington

Rep.   Susan Westrom


House Leadership

Rep.   Greg Stumbo [House Speaker]

Rep.   Larry Clark [Speaker Pro   Tempore]

Rep.   Rocky Adkins [Majority Floor Leader]

Rep.   Jeff Hoover [Minority Floor   Leader]

Rep.   Robert Damron [Majority Caucus   Chairman]

Rep.   Bob DeWeese [Minority   Caucus Chairman]

Rep.   Tommy Thompson [Majority Whip]

Rep.   Danny Ford [Minority Whip]