Norma Hatfield, president of the Kinship Families Families Coalition, and Dr. David Weisenhorn with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Offices discuss a series of workshops offered to grandparents or other relatives and fictive kin raising children – known as PASTA, or Parenting A Second Time Around.

Check out the details and video playlist below for more information on this resources for kinship families. Connect with your local Extension office to access the PASTA workshop series in your county. 

Session #1: What is PASTA?
Overview of the first PASTA session, titled, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

Session #2: Getting to Know You
Overview of the benefits of PASTA and the workshops, including getting to know your local cooperative extensions and fellow caregivers.

Session #3: Rebuilding a Family
Overview of the workshop focused on adult/child interactions, grief and loss, relating to your adult child, and solution focused problem solving.

Session #4: Discipline is Not a Dirty Word, But It May Look Different Today
Overview of the workshop focused on characteristics of effective discipline, establishing a discipline style, addressing high risk behaviors.

Session #5: Legal Concerns of Relatives Raising Children
Overview of legal issues including custody, visitation and child support.

Session #6: Standing Up for Grandparents/Grandchildren’s Rights
Overview of advocacy, negotiating systems, and connecting with community programs.

Session #7: Grandparents and Teens Living Together
Overview of key points in adolescent development and realistic expectations for behavior.

Session #8: Living with Teens Can Be Challenging
Overview of indicators of high risk behavior and strategies and resources to help.