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Local, Data-Driven Oral Health Solutions Across the Commonwealth

By | 2017-09-06T22:12:22+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Blog, Health|

This past May, Delta Dental of Kentucky announced it would be providing $1 million to launch five regional oral health networks across Kentucky. From local business leaders and health practitioners, to educators and dental hygienists, these five regional networks are comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders with one common goal: to improve oral health in their communities.

Over the last several months, each regional network has had the opportunity to meet and discuss its region’s oral health priorities. Based off the Making Smiles Happen: 2016 Oral Health Study of Kentucky’s Youth  report, each region was provided a data profile that highlighted key findings and social determinants that influence oral health in that region. One thing that became apparent following the first round of regional convenings is that each regional network has its own unique perspectives to addressing oral health barriers in their area.

To learn more about each region’s data profile, click below:

From dental sealants to untreated dental decay in young children, there have been a wide range of ideas discussed at these regional meetings. Several regions are grappling with the idea of replicating and aligning with pre-existing oral health programs while others are leaning towards implementing oral health literacy campaigns.

Once the top oral health priorities are determined, each region will begin drafting a proposal to submit to Delta Dental of Kentucky. Programs designed to promote and improve the oral health of under-served or at-risk populations are a key component of submitting a successful proposal.

We look forward to sharing updates along the way as these five regions across the Commonwealth continue to tackle oral health improvement in their local communities.

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