Kentucky Youth Advocates is looking for photos of Kentucky kids to include in the 2019 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book and other Kentucky Youth Advocates publications. We know you all proudly share pictures of your kids and grandkids by hanging them on your refrigerator and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s your chance to promote those cute kids through Kentucky Youth Advocates’ materials.

We need your photos by August 31st so please start sending them in. In order to use the photos, we must have permission from either the person in the picture if he/she is over 18 or a parent or guardian if the picture is of a minor.

Examples of types of pictures are we looking for:

  • Children/teens playing outside in parks, playgrounds, etc.
  • Children/teens engaging in education related activities (reading, studying)
  • Children/teens engaging in health related activities (brushing their teeth, exercising)
  • Children/teens eating healthy food
  • Family photos
  • Children/teens at school or in school groups
  • Individual pictures of children and also of siblings
  • Any other pictures that positively portray children/teens in Kentucky

Click here to fill out and submit the electronic release form. You can upload pictures directly to the electronic form.