As we count down the hours towards 2020, we’re reflecting on what your support of Kentucky Youth Advocates meant to Kentucky kids in 2019—and how much they are counting on you again in the new year. Here are five reasons we’re asking for your gift today, before the ball drops at midnight:

1. The Kentucky General Assembly begins on January 7th, and your gift allows us to hit the ground running before then. Every kid is counting on us to be in the Capitol building every day, and we are counting on you.

2. Your gift will have a high return on investment. In 2019 we saw a range of legislative wins for kids, from addressing the “heartware” and “hardware” of schools in the School Safety and Resiliency Act, to protecting kids’ health by enacting a statewide tobacco-free campus policy. These changes will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kentucky kids and their families.

3. Young leaders are stepping up. Leaders like Cailin, who we have watched transform from a shy girl in Knox County to an advocate who has addressed decision-makers in both Frankfort and Washington, D.C. Because of your support, we have been able to equip Cailin with the skills she needed to become one of the most inspiring leaders I know. When the legislative session begins in January, we hope our elected leaders follow Cailin’s example to be brave and bold in doing what’s right for Kentucky kids, regardless of the circumstances they have to overcome.

4. The 2020 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy agenda is ambitious, and we remain undaunted because we know every one of these priorities matters to Kentucky kids.

5. The future of Kentucky kids is the common ground, common good agenda in Frankfort. As the dust settles from the election, kids are the bright spot on which decisionmakers agree.

Will you consider a generous end-of-year gift to Kentucky Youth Advocates today so that Kentucky kids will have a voice in the 2020 legislative session?

P.S. Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol is January 23, 2020. Will you make a gift that will amplify advocates’ voices throughout the halls of Frankfort that day?