Listen in as Karena Cash, Policy and Advocacy Analyst at Kentucky Youth Advocates, shares more on Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children priority House Bill 499, which would establish the framework for the Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership. This measure offers Kentucky the critical opportunity to strengthen families’ access to high-quality child care so they can participate in the workforce.

ADVOCATES urge the Senate Economic Development, Tourism, & Labor Committee to support this bill!

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Child care is essential for Kentucky families to thrive. Families rely on child care to participate in the workforce, and children rely on child care to develop a strong social-emotional and educational foundation.

With annual costs reaching up to $11,000, however, families across Kentucky are struggling to pay for child care.

This means many families are choosing between their careers and taking care of their children. This impacts our workforce, the economic stability of families, and the lifetime learning of children.

One innovative idea to address this problem is House Bill 499. HB 499, sponsored by Representative Heavrin and many co-sponsors in the House, would create the Child Care Assistance Partnership Program, which would encourage private employers to help pay for child care by matching employer child care benefits with state dollars.

This innovative partnership would be a win for families, employers, and child care centers, driving down the cost of childcare so families can afford to go back into the workforce without sacrificing the high-quality care that all children in Kentucky deserve.

HB 499 has passed through the House. We now call on the Kentucky Senate to support and move this bill forward this session.