Whether you are the state of Kentucky or a family struggling to make ends meet, budgets are tough. Revenue shortfalls? Lots of payment obligations? Kentucky faces those in its state budget and amidst the pension crisis. Many Kentucky families face the same challenges. They are unsure of where the money will come from after a recent cut in hours at work, or uncertain how they will afford the necessities they need tomorrow.

All the while, they may lack the help at home to take care of their child and work at the same time, creating a situation where work doesn’t pay enough to cover child care and the bills. This is the reality of many low-income families in Kentucky struggling to find work and, when they do, struggling to find quality and affordable child care. The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) currently helps working parents in situations like this.

As Kentucky examines its own budget, it is important to preserve—if not expand—this funding because it is vital to the success of parents as they work hard to make ends meet for their families.

Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children partner Mike Hammons, Director of Advocacy at Children, Inc. shares:

Expanding supports to working families, like child care assistance, benefits thousands of children across Kentucky and ensures parents have safe child care while they work.

CCAP is extremely valuable to parents like Sarah in Northern Kentucky. Sarah is the mother of three young children who wanted to utilize CCAP for after-school care so she could go to school and work but was unable. Her full-time job did not cover the costs of child care enough to make ends meet. Trying to work enough to pay for child care took a toll on her as a parent. Sarah shared:

If I work 60 hours a week, no one is around to supervise my kids. What is a family without a parent around?

Sarah is not alone. Many working parents need adequate CCAP funding to be able to provide for their families and have the ability to be in the lives of their children.

As budget discussions begin and legislators and the administration discuss the economic uncertainty of the Commonwealth, we hope they consider working parents like Sarah who rely on CCAP to make ends meet for their families.

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