How many times during these hot, humid summer months have you or your children grabbed the first drink you see in your fridge just to quench your thirst? What you may not think about is what you grab to drink can directly affect your health, especially your dental health. National organizations such as Campaign for Dental Health, the School-Based Health Alliance, the Center for Vulnerable Populations, and The Children’s Partnership have joined forces to encourage parents, caregivers, and children to make this month a soda free August!

The connection between tooth decay and nutrition is far more significant than many believe. Dietary sugars, or sugars in food and drinks, are a contributor to dental cavities. If cavities are not properly prevented and managed, the consequences can affect an individual during every stage of their life.

Switching from a high-sugar beverage to healthier beverages can help children prevent cavities and get the important nutrients they need. Soda isn’t the only high-sugar beverage, though. Natural fruit juice sounds healthy, but contains plenty of sugar. One healthier alternative to high-sugar beverage is water. Drinking water keeps children and families hydrated without the added sugar.

Dr. Nikki Stone, Dental Program Director for UK North Fork Valley Community Health Center, created a fun educational graphic to instruct children and parents about the recommended daily drinking habits. Check out the easy to remember graphic below.

drink pyramid

Throughout the month, the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition and KYA will post soda free August tips through our social media channels. Be sure to like, retweet, and share the posts with parents, friends, and children. Let’s help Kentucky children and families get on a healthier path by agreeing to make the last month of summer a soda free August!